regularisperfect because in the end, we’ll all end up 6 feet deep in the ground, so might as well be yourself while you’re here.


regularisperfect script excerpt #001:

In the past two months, I’ve been in a major slump creatively. Most of it has stemmed from me flailing my arms around as I attempt to get through my first year of college, but the other half has been from insecurities and a severe lack of self-confidence. Lately though, I’ve realized what’s the point in being deeply embarrassed of everything that I make? All it does is hinder my progression, and waste time. I have one life, and my time can come to a halt at any given moment, so I might as well spend the most of it creating content and art that can live beyond me.

i'm not going to stop being myself just to please somebody for a couple of minutes, they have a few moments with my presence, I have an entire lifespan with this vessel.


regularisperfect school diary #001:

In a way, a collage is how we, as people, look back on our lives. As we get older, memories become more hazy. Time isn't linear in our heads, it's not one straight path. When you try to think back to moments from the past, you don't immediately jump to what happened in chronological order, you hop around, attempting to connect the dots in your jumbled recollection of the movie that is life.

regularisperfect 2022